Really digging mixed media projects …

The thing I like most about creating mixed media pieces is … there are no rules! 
It is a very intuitive art form and allows you to try new things and play and have fun, all while creating beautiful art.

Here are some recent pieces I have completed.

Most of these pieces contain gelato colors, bits of napkin, Sharpie, watercolor pencils, and modeling paste.









I recommend everyone try something creative!  Very therapeutic!



6 thoughts on “Really digging mixed media projects …

  1. Fantastic work. I agree, art is therapeutic and the best part is that a lot of it is free. I did a little painting yesterday and now have some semi-permanent candy apple red highlights. Spray paint and wind, guess I should have seen that coming. Keep up the great work. What are you using to draw the black lines (as in the hair)? 🙂


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