Weird Wednesday – January 24, 2018 – Chemo Issues – Taste

They told me before I began chemo treatments that it may make foods taste bad, funky, different, etc.  I wasn’t too upset about this.  I have a near infinite capacity for food types I will eat.  Just about the only thing I do not enjoy is liver and mince meat pie (I don’t even know what that is.)  So, I was certain to find a lot of food that I could still enjoy without a bad taste, and I would simply weed the icky ones out – or tolerate them – until my chemo was over and my sense of taste came back.

In fact, just as in the rest of my life, I love wondrous variety when it comes to food.  I can and do eat different foods all the time.  Sometimes fish, sometimes beef, sometimes chicken, shell fish, any and all vegetables, love fruits, etc.  This was SO not going to be a problem.

My one constant is my daily Coke (sometimes more than 1 a day).  You can mix up everything else in my life, but guarantee I will have at least one Coca-Cola every day until the day I die.


Life went on and chemo began and everything seemed to taste normal.  Nothing tasted bad, funky, different, etc. — except my beloved Coke.  It tasted like dish soap!  I was so upset about that – the one constant I had in my life – a simple thing like a Coca-Cola, yet the only thing that I counted on day in and day out – now had become an abomination.

I realize being upset about a Coke seems trivial to some, but at that time – and with all that had just happened to me and all that was about to happen and with all the uncertainty to come – my one constant – my Coke – was also taken from me.

Of course my sense of taste came back, and I still enjoy a Coke (or 3) per day (yes, it’s that YOLO thing rearing its ugly head) and all is right with the world.