TV – Celebrity Big Brother – Season 1 (and please – no more!)


I’m filing this blog post under “Entertainment,” but it could have very well gone under “Sucks/Doesn’t Suck” because it truly sucked!

The maiden voyage of Celebrity Big Brother ended last night. 
And all I can say is, thank God!  The entire season (thankfully shortened) was painful to watch.  The only reason I watched to the end is that it is something I do with my niece Tracey, and I didn’t want to bail on her.

I found the “celebrities” to be completely lackluster and without any passion for the game whatsoever – with the exception of Shannon Elizabeth.  Shannon truly wanted to play the game and came to play hard, which is why she was sent packing early on.

Omarosa Manigault claimed to also be a “super fan,” but her game play sure didn’t show it.  She seemed more interested in slipping in stilted snippets of White House debauchery (both Clinton and Trump administrations) that never really went anywhere.  She completely phoned in the final veto challenge before she went home.

Add to this the fact that two houseguests actually begged to go home, and you have a houseful of folks who showed up only to have their name once again come up in the search engines.

The season started out slow and got slower.  
There was no chance for any momentum to build due to the lack of passion among the players, and even when a hint that it may be picking up came along, you have Metta World Peace and Keshia Knight Pulliam literally begging to go home, completely destroying any chance that actual game play or strategy could get a foothold.

I loved Ross Mathews, but even he quickly became tiresome and one-dimensional.  As for the rest of the pack, Marissa Jaret Winnokur (the eventual winner) was sweet, but a fence-sitter the whole time, and waffled back and forth whichever way the wind blew.

James Maslow seemed at least interested in playing, but was also sent home mid-way through because he was deemed one of the “strongest” players.  Brandi Glanville drank the entire time and ran her mouth about completely nonsensical matters.

I actually liked Ariadna Gutierrez.  She is super intelligent and seemed very intuitive to what the other players’ motives were.   With Shannon booted early, I would not have been upset if Ariadna won.  Mark McGrath remained poised and played a fairly steady game.

As for Chuck Liddell, he presented as a decent human being, no gameplay or strategy whatsoever, but seemed to have a great time – even on “spa” day with the girls.

Even the HOH and veto competitions seemed lackluster and perfunctory.  Folks bailed at the first sign that a competition might actually call for strength or determination – again, with the exception of Shannon, who truly came to play.  Those who did make an effort, did so in a fairly insincere manner.

I don’t know if the fact that the prize was only $250,000 (it is normally $500,000), or if it was the fact that these people [presumably] have money, and maybe a quarter of a million wouldn’t change their lives like the impact of winning has on normal, everyday contestants, but whatever the reason, I will not be sad if Celebrity Big Brother never has a season 2 — unless they can find contestants that actually want to play the game.