My March “Parole Hearing”

jailbreakHey, y’all!
So I went to what I thought would be my March “Parole Hearing,” and it sort of was.  I mean, I got to meet with Dr. Carson, my “parole officer,” (oncological surgeon), but I didn’t have a mammogram.  Dr. Carson has me back on yearly mammograms, apparently, even though I will still see him every six months.

I’m not sure I’m at all comfortable with this.
I am of the school of thought that knowledge is power, and I don’t know if only being informed once a year, rather than twice a year, goes along with my need to know NOW!  I am so used to gearing up for, dreading, looking forward to, being a nervous wreck, anticipating, etc., this event every six months.

I guess I should be glad I only have to go through this traumatic lead-up to the event once a year now, but I’m still not sure I’m at all comfortable with it.  I should really trust Dr. Carson.  After all, he’s brilliant, and if he seems to think I’m okay going back to yearly, then I should take it as a good sign, yes?

At any rate – I have been given another six-month reprieve and, as usual, I plan to make them the absolutely best six months of my life yet!

Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts!  I love you all!


My Cancer – 1st and 2nd Diagnoses

1st Diagnosis v. 2nd Diagnosis

The first time:
Right breast in 2006 (42 years old):
Stage 4 ductal invasive carcinoma [1].
Triple Negative [2] .
Treatment: Chemotherapy, lumpectomy, radiation.

The second time:
Same breast in 2015 (51 years old):
Ductal carcinoma in situ [3].
Triple Negative.
Treatment: Mastectomy removal of my breast tissue then used tissue from my lower abdomen as living material for reconstruction of my breast. No chemotherapy, no radiation.

[1] Started in a milk duct, invaded into the surrounding tissue.
[2] Negative for estrogen receptors (ER-), progesterone receptors (PR-), and HER2 (HER2-)
[3] There, but hadn’t invaded the surrounding tissue yet.