Weird Wednesday – March 14, 2018 – Weird Pittsburgh

Weird Wednesday – Weird Pittsburgh
Now before all you Burghies go getting offended, “weird” in this instance means “different than what I’m used to.”

Here are some things I have encountered in Pittsburgh so far this week that have differed from what happens in my normal world:

  • I nearly died a couple times on I-376 when people actually stop – I’m talking dead stop; from 70 mph to 0 mph in mere seconds – on a 6-lane freeway to let cars merge onto said 6-lane freeway from entrance ramps and rest areas.  Are you kidding me?
  • The CVS across from my hotel closes at 7:00 pm.  I guess I got spoiled by the 24-hour CVS a block from my hotel in mid-town Manhattan.
  • A cash-only restaurant.  Right in bustling Market Square, mind you!  You don’t see that much anymore.
  • The aforementioned banana crisis!

Will report back if I encounter any more weirdness while I’m here!



Pittsburgh – The Town Without Bananas

no banana

Despite battling Restless Leg Syndrome every night (for which I take medication every day), I am also prone to potassium deficiency.  Even as a child I would get leg cramps that felt like my muscles were being ripped from my bones.  It happens when I overwork my legs.  As a child, I would run and play and climb things and ride my bike and horses all day, every day; and at night I would suffer the consequences.  Because of this, my mother always made sure there were bananas in the house.  ALWAYS!

Even in my 20s, I was a volunteer at City Park Riding Stables in New Orleans. 
I would spend 5 to 6 hours each day (after a full day of work, mind you) walking horses and turning horses out to pasture, grooming them, and tacking them up for riding lessons — constantly on my feet, constantly moving my legs.  I would stop at Winn Dixie every few days for a bunch of bananas for me, and a bag of carrots for the horses.

Still happens. 
I am not used to walking a lot anymore, so living in downtown Pittsburgh this week has taken a toll (and probably given me some much needed exercise).  I haven’t seen Penelope since I parked her Sunday night in the hotel parking garage.  I’ve been walking everywhere.  To the office, around Market Square, down by the rivers.  Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, even in the dank gray that the Midwest is prone to in wintertime.

All this walking caught up with me last night as I approached the end of the work day. 
I could feel my legs starting that familiar ache of potassium deficiency.  On my way back to the hotel, I stopped in CVS and the hotel restaurant and the hotel convenience corner thinking I would find a banana to relieve my pain.  No such luck.  No bananas anywhere!  I took solace in the fact that tomorrow the hotel restaurant would have their breakfast buffet and a la carte breakfast bar and surely there would be bananas there.

I stopped into the breakfast buffet this morning and saw all the baskets of beautiful, fresh fruits, but not a banana in sight.  I asked the hostess if there were bananas somewhere, and she regretfully informed me that they did not have bananas.  So, I ran across the street to CVS.  The fruit baskets had once again been freshly re-stocked with shiny red apples, tantalizing oranges, but, alas, no bananas.

If you are not familiar with Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh, it’s literally a square rimmed by restaurants.  Surely SOMEONE had to have a banana.  Unfortunately, most of these places aren’t open for breakfast.  I was just about to give up and started making my way to the office.  On the last corner before I crossed the street to the tower, I spied an Einstein Bagels notched in a tiny space and it was open.  I figured I would give it one more try.

I walked in and the smell of coffee and bagels was tantalizing, but right there … in the corner of the counter … not one, but TWO big baskets of bananas!  No wonder no one else in Pittsburgh has bananas – Einstein Bagels is hording all of them!  Obviously no one else knows about this as they had so freaking many bananas — in all stages of ripeness.  I’m keeping this my little secret.

File this under:  Going bananas for bananas!

Finally Friday – March 9, 2018 – What’s on Tap?


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Yes, I have been a slacker on this blog, but I promise to try to do better in the future.

So, what’s happening this weekend?
Well, a lot, actually.  I’m going to be working out of our Firm’s Pittsburgh office next week, so I will need to leave sometime Sunday afternoon to drive over and check into my hotel.   I’m looking forward to the get-away.  I love to travel – even if it’s for work, so I can’t wait.  I’ll miss my dogs, but it will be nice to have the entire bed to myself without two dogs and a cat wallowing all over me all night long.

Creative things …
I’m working on more cancer bracelets and other guitar and violin string projects.

Oh, and the Lenovo Yoga 2-in-1 tablet/laptop thingie that I ordered is supposed to arrive today, so I’ll be taking that with me.  I can’t wait to start messing around with the drawing and painting programs on there.

61J6doWAkdL__SL1065_I’ve also started to learn to watercolor paint.
So far it has been a huge disaster, but I’m taking my watercolor stuff with me and hope to catch several YouTube tutorials in my downtime at my hotel.

Tomorrow I will be visiting my Mom, since I won’t be able to visit her Sunday like normal.  And Tammy is spending the night, so who knows what that will entail.

Oh, and, the cabin for my 3-day “Disconnect from Society” weekend is booked and I am SO looking forward to that in two weeks!

cabin-clip-art-1Have a great weekend everyone!



Finally Friday – March 2, 2018


No real plans for this weekend, which is the way I like it!
I’ll be finishing up some cancer bracelet orders for

I also have a Chris Caffery guitar string and guitar pick bracelet design  I’m working on; and, a new design for a violist and her violin strings…more on that soon.


Other than that, I’ll probably be playing around with my mixed media art journal, doing some laundry, maybe clean the house (but don’t hold your breath), and visiting my Mom on Sunday afternoon, as always.


I’ll get Kelsey out on the road for some more driving practice.  Penelope takes good care of her when she’s in the driver’s seat.

My bestie – “Penelope”

Have a great weekend everyone!


Craft – Some Recent Mixed Media Projects

I love to experiment with new craft ideas.
The most recent love of my life is mixed media art journals and stand-alone pages.

I’m learning some of the techniques from playing around on my own and watching other mixed media artists on YouTube.

Here are some of my latest …

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