TV – Celebrity Big Brother – Season 1 (and please – no more!)


I’m filing this blog post under “Entertainment,” but it could have very well gone under “Sucks/Doesn’t Suck” because it truly sucked!

The maiden voyage of Celebrity Big Brother ended last night. 
And all I can say is, thank God!  The entire season (thankfully shortened) was painful to watch.  The only reason I watched to the end is that it is something I do with my niece Tracey, and I didn’t want to bail on her.

I found the “celebrities” to be completely lackluster and without any passion for the game whatsoever – with the exception of Shannon Elizabeth.  Shannon truly wanted to play the game and came to play hard, which is why she was sent packing early on.

Omarosa Manigault claimed to also be a “super fan,” but her game play sure didn’t show it.  She seemed more interested in slipping in stilted snippets of White House debauchery (both Clinton and Trump administrations) that never really went anywhere.  She completely phoned in the final veto challenge before she went home.

Add to this the fact that two houseguests actually begged to go home, and you have a houseful of folks who showed up only to have their name once again come up in the search engines.

The season started out slow and got slower.  
There was no chance for any momentum to build due to the lack of passion among the players, and even when a hint that it may be picking up came along, you have Metta World Peace and Keshia Knight Pulliam literally begging to go home, completely destroying any chance that actual game play or strategy could get a foothold.

I loved Ross Mathews, but even he quickly became tiresome and one-dimensional.  As for the rest of the pack, Marissa Jaret Winnokur (the eventual winner) was sweet, but a fence-sitter the whole time, and waffled back and forth whichever way the wind blew.

James Maslow seemed at least interested in playing, but was also sent home mid-way through because he was deemed one of the “strongest” players.  Brandi Glanville drank the entire time and ran her mouth about completely nonsensical matters.

I actually liked Ariadna Gutierrez.  She is super intelligent and seemed very intuitive to what the other players’ motives were.   With Shannon booted early, I would not have been upset if Ariadna won.  Mark McGrath remained poised and played a fairly steady game.

As for Chuck Liddell, he presented as a decent human being, no gameplay or strategy whatsoever, but seemed to have a great time – even on “spa” day with the girls.

Even the HOH and veto competitions seemed lackluster and perfunctory.  Folks bailed at the first sign that a competition might actually call for strength or determination – again, with the exception of Shannon, who truly came to play.  Those who did make an effort, did so in a fairly insincere manner.

I don’t know if the fact that the prize was only $250,000 (it is normally $500,000), or if it was the fact that these people [presumably] have money, and maybe a quarter of a million wouldn’t change their lives like the impact of winning has on normal, everyday contestants, but whatever the reason, I will not be sad if Celebrity Big Brother never has a season 2 — unless they can find contestants that actually want to play the game.


Weird Wednesday – Feb. 7, 2018 – A Cat, a Nerd, and a Bacteria Colony

Today’s Weird Wednesday features my cat – Deva Quinn (Day-vuh).
(Named after Anna/Carrie’s daughter on Banshee).

She is just about a year and a half old and she is just the goofiest thing.  I adopted her from a cat rescue about this time last year.  She sleeps in bed with me along side her two canine sisters.  IMG_1812

What’s weird about her?
Well, for some reason the “good” bacteria colony in her belly becomes “overgrown” about once a month and she becomes lethargic, poopie, and pukey.  I took her to the vet the first time this happened, which is how I got the diagnosis, and they gave her antibiotics and poop paste to stiffen that up and sent her on her way.  This cost me nearly $200. Once I discovered this was going to happen every month, I had to come up with a new (less expensive) solution.

scientific method

And this is where my total nerdiness kicked in.
I applied the scientific method and began to construct the first hypothesis I would try to prove.  That hypothesis was, “if a woman can consume Activia probiotic yogurt to maintain a healthy digestive bacterial balance, would this also apply to a cat.”

Was it safe?
I did the research on whether Activia yogurt would be harmful to my cat, and the resources I checked not only had positive things to say about cats eating Activia yogurt (although nearly all specified plain, not flavored yogurt), they also related that a lot of cats love yogurt and look forward to a small amount as a treat every now and then.

Of course, not my cat.
Deva not only doesn’t consider Activia yogurt a treat, I’m fairly certain she believes the substance is piping hot brimstone from the very bowels of hell.  My procedure for giving her a small amount of yogurt is to practically sit on top of her, hold her by the neck, dip my finger into the yogurt to get a small dab on my finger, and then proceed to pry her mouth open long enough to wipe the yogurt from my finger onto her tongue without her clamping her sharp teeth down onto my digit.  And, without her spitting it back out onto the floor.  I repeat this procedure until I’ve gotten three dabs of yogurt in her for two consecutive days.  (Please note that at all times throughout this ordeal, Deva is safe and unharmed, which I can’t always say for myself.)

Does this procedure work?
It actually does.  For the past several months, whenever Deva seems to have a relapse, I have been giving her the yogurt, and within a couple days, she’s back to her spry, crazy self.

Having proved my hypothesis into theory, I am taking my experimentation even further.
I wondered if Activia yogurt could be used as a prophylactic measure, and if by giving Deva Quinn yogurt in the same method described above BEFORE she becomes ill if this idea would keep her healthy so she didn’t have to have a couple of days of down time every month.

I will let you know if this hypothesis becomes proven into theory!





Sorry about my absence! Mom’s fault!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018; 11:30 pm.
Mom fell and broke her tailbone and they sent her to the hospital.  I dutifully followed.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018.
The next day, they discovered two more things:

1) that she had a stroke; and

2) that her blood pressure was doing flip flops depending on her position.  When she stands, her blood pressure drops dramatically making her faint and then she falls.

Orthostatic hypotension — also called postural hypotension —
is a form of low blood pressure that happens when you stand
up from sitting or lying down. Orthostatic hypotension can make
you feel dizzy or lightheaded, and maybe even faint.

Thursday, February 1, 2018.
On Thursday, they discovered the third issue when she aspirated her food and drink while eating, so they ran a test on her and found out her epiglottis (that flap that closes over your windpipe when you swallow) doesn’t completely close, so thin liquids and chunky foods are slipping by and getting into her trachea.

Friday, February 2, 2018.
Mom was released from the hospital and sent back to the skilled nursing facility where she lives with an entire dossier of new instructions.  We had to meet with the social worker to get all her paperwork filled out for her “bed hold,” Medicare, Medicaid, and whatever else.

Needless to say, between Tuesday night near midnight and Friday afternoon around 2:30 in the afternoon, I had gotten a TOTAL of around 5 hours of sleep and missed three days of work.

Saturday was spent blissfully unaware in my bed with my two dogs and my cat – all day!


Yes, I have a queen-sized bed; and yes, they are all three crammed
up on my side laying on top of my legs.  Filed under:  SPOILED!

Sunday I visited Mom.
She was surprisingly in decent spirits, despite being reminded “EVERY 5 MINUTES,” that she needs to call for assistance when she needs to stand up – to which she replies without fail, “I’ve been going to the bathroom by myself for 90 years.  I think I know what I’m doing,” and with complete disregard for the actual reason she needs assistance — that being she simply needs help to stand.

She is also now on a nectar-thick diet for liquids and needs to have her foods pureed.  Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, she is having speech therapy (to help with her swallowing) 3 times per week, and physical therapy (to improve her leg strength) 5 times a week.  The 95-year-old gets more exercise than I do now!

I’m so glad she’s still around!  She’s my Mom!

File this under:  I don’t want to get old!



On turning 54

Photo collage of me in my teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

Age never bothered me until my mid-40s. 

My 20s literally rocked!!!
I spent most of the decade going with Holly to local, regional, and national heavy metal concerts.

My Friend Holly – 1987-ish

My 30s was the absolute BEST decade of my entire life. 
I was beautiful, healthy, had just bought my own house after my first divorce, and spent most of the decade hanging out with Amys
3 at hockey games and was having an absolute ball!


Me (left) and two of the three Amys – 1998-ish

My 40s is when it all became too real for me. 
I had just bought my own little 5 acre farm and had put up pasture fences, moved my horses in from London, Ohio, built a chicken shed and added a bunch of really awesome chickens, hand-raised two day-old peacocks, bought myself a John Deere tractor and was living the dream life I had always wanted since I was a little girl.

Life was beautiful. 
I could wake up and see my horses through my bedroom window every morning.  My two peacocks – Pete and RePete – were growing like crazy and were so spoiled that they would come peck on the sliding glass patio doors when they wanted to come into the house.  My hens were laying stellar eggs, which I collected every morning, and my dogs could run free as the wind and were also having the time of their lives.

Then cancer! 
I have to tell you, the chemotherapy and other treatments were absolutely preferable to the financial disaster the disease caused.  I lost my farm because I couldn’t keep up with my mortgage.  I had to find homes for my horses, my chickens, my peacocks, and my dogs, and it was so terribly upsetting to lose everything I had worked for since I was a child.  Then I moved back to the city to live with my second husband at his sister’s home until we got back on our feet financially.  Ugh!

All of that has come to pass.
I got divorced, had a great job, and was once again becoming financially stable.

Then, cancer again!
Fortunately, this time I had much better health insurance, was on my own, and had three wonderful nieces that took excellent care of me while I was laid up for six weeks. Once again, I’m in remission.

So, here I am having just turned 54 years old yesterday.  I don’t know what the future holds as far as any recurrence, but it is more than likely to happen.  So, I am making a huge, conscious effort to not miss another minute of my life.  Thanks to my awesome job, I am now financially secure and I have been travelling a lot, having tons of fun with my nieces and my friends, and enjoying the finer things in life!

Here’s to another year, my friends!

My Birthday Weekend!

My birthday weekend was absolutely fantastic!

I got to:

  • see my friend Bridgette in Cincinnati;
  • see Star Wars: The Last Jedi;
  • see Jeff Dunham: Passively Aggressive; and
  • hang out with my awesome nieces.

For my own self, I:

  • got my haircut;
  • got my eyebrows waxed;
  • got a scalp massage; and
  • got a new some new ink.

Me and my girl, Raven, 2001. I miss her so very much! She is now immortalized on my ribs.

In general:

  • I took Friday off work and got to sleep in a while,
  • played around with some of my crafty things;
  • visited my Mom for her 95th birthday; and
  • and basically had an awesome 3-day weekend.


Bridgette and I acting completely stupid with the help of SnapChat filters!







Finally Friday – 1/26/18 – What’s on Tap?


So, Finally Fridayis going to be a regular series here on Six Months @ A Time.
On Finally Friday, we will share what is on tap for the weekend!

So this Sunday – January 28 – is my 54th birthday! 

My birthday weekend is actually STARTING on Friday this week because I am taking Friday off of work:

1) because Friday is my Mom’s 95th birthday, so I plan to spend some of the morning with her; and

2) to spend Friday night in Cincinnati with my friend Bridgette.  We are going to dinner and then to see the new Star Wars movie (yes, I know – I’m late).

Saturday I will be driving home from Cincinnati in the morning and then going with Kelsey to her tattoo appointment in the afternoon.  She has booked a half-day appointment (3 hours) so if there is any time left, Carmelo said he’d do some more ink on me!  WOO HOO potential birthday ink!

On Sunday – my actual birthday – Tammy, Tracey, Kelsey and I are going to see Jeff Dunham at The Schottenstein Center!  I hope he brings Achmed and Walter!  My two favs!