Finally Friday – March 16, 2018



Today I say goodbye to my temporary home in Pittsburgh.
I have spent this week working in our firm’s Pittsburgh office and have really enjoyed it.  The people here are really nice and it was good to be able to help a new attorney set up his practice.


Oh Hilton Garden Inn – you were so good to me. 
My temporary home for this week was the Hilton Garden Inn on Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh.  So close to food … so bad, and yet so good!

hilton pitt


Market Square

I may have actually gotten in a little exercise this week.
I parked Penelope in the hotel parking garage on Sunday and I hadn’t seen her again until this morning when I checked out of my room and took my luggage out to her.  She will make sure I get home safely this afternoon on my drive home.

What’s on tap for the weekend?
Well, I get to see my dogs, who I’ve missed a whole bunch.  And my nieces and my mom, of course.

Friday – obviously I’ll be driving Penelope home for 3 – 4 hours this afternoon.

Saturday is St. Patty’s day – so Luck o’ the Irish to everyone!


Sunday – emptying out my suitcase and doing laundry!  Oh boy!

Have a great weekend everyone!












Jurassic Pittsburgh

So, I don’t know what any of this is about, but it’s pretty cool!
These statues appear on the walkway of PPG Bldg. 1 across from my office in PPG Bldg. 6.


Definitely cool!  Wish I had time to check out the Carnegie Museum of Natural History while I’m here.


Weird Wednesday – March 14, 2018 – Weird Pittsburgh

Weird Wednesday – Weird Pittsburgh
Now before all you Burghies go getting offended, “weird” in this instance means “different than what I’m used to.”

Here are some things I have encountered in Pittsburgh so far this week that have differed from what happens in my normal world:

  • I nearly died a couple times on I-376 when people actually stop – I’m talking dead stop; from 70 mph to 0 mph in mere seconds – on a 6-lane freeway to let cars merge onto said 6-lane freeway from entrance ramps and rest areas.  Are you kidding me?
  • The CVS across from my hotel closes at 7:00 pm.  I guess I got spoiled by the 24-hour CVS a block from my hotel in mid-town Manhattan.
  • A cash-only restaurant.  Right in bustling Market Square, mind you!  You don’t see that much anymore.
  • The aforementioned banana crisis!

Will report back if I encounter any more weirdness while I’m here!


Pittsburgh – The Town Without Bananas

no banana

Despite battling Restless Leg Syndrome every night (for which I take medication every day), I am also prone to potassium deficiency.  Even as a child I would get leg cramps that felt like my muscles were being ripped from my bones.  It happens when I overwork my legs.  As a child, I would run and play and climb things and ride my bike and horses all day, every day; and at night I would suffer the consequences.  Because of this, my mother always made sure there were bananas in the house.  ALWAYS!

Even in my 20s, I was a volunteer at City Park Riding Stables in New Orleans. 
I would spend 5 to 6 hours each day (after a full day of work, mind you) walking horses and turning horses out to pasture, grooming them, and tacking them up for riding lessons — constantly on my feet, constantly moving my legs.  I would stop at Winn Dixie every few days for a bunch of bananas for me, and a bag of carrots for the horses.

Still happens. 
I am not used to walking a lot anymore, so living in downtown Pittsburgh this week has taken a toll (and probably given me some much needed exercise).  I haven’t seen Penelope since I parked her Sunday night in the hotel parking garage.  I’ve been walking everywhere.  To the office, around Market Square, down by the rivers.  Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, even in the dank gray that the Midwest is prone to in wintertime.

All this walking caught up with me last night as I approached the end of the work day. 
I could feel my legs starting that familiar ache of potassium deficiency.  On my way back to the hotel, I stopped in CVS and the hotel restaurant and the hotel convenience corner thinking I would find a banana to relieve my pain.  No such luck.  No bananas anywhere!  I took solace in the fact that tomorrow the hotel restaurant would have their breakfast buffet and a la carte breakfast bar and surely there would be bananas there.

I stopped into the breakfast buffet this morning and saw all the baskets of beautiful, fresh fruits, but not a banana in sight.  I asked the hostess if there were bananas somewhere, and she regretfully informed me that they did not have bananas.  So, I ran across the street to CVS.  The fruit baskets had once again been freshly re-stocked with shiny red apples, tantalizing oranges, but, alas, no bananas.

If you are not familiar with Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh, it’s literally a square rimmed by restaurants.  Surely SOMEONE had to have a banana.  Unfortunately, most of these places aren’t open for breakfast.  I was just about to give up and started making my way to the office.  On the last corner before I crossed the street to the tower, I spied an Einstein Bagels notched in a tiny space and it was open.  I figured I would give it one more try.

I walked in and the smell of coffee and bagels was tantalizing, but right there … in the corner of the counter … not one, but TWO big baskets of bananas!  No wonder no one else in Pittsburgh has bananas – Einstein Bagels is hording all of them!  Obviously no one else knows about this as they had so freaking many bananas — in all stages of ripeness.  I’m keeping this my little secret.

File this under:  Going bananas for bananas!